Yasmine: Reinventing Bridal Design

Egypt’s Yasmine Yeya has risen to acclaim on Cairo’s couture scene. The French Egyptian’s work has caused a sensation in Cairo’s design circles and positioned her as one of Egypt’s leading Bridal designers. Yasmine first came into the design spotlight when she appeared in a design contest for young Middle Eastern designers. Prior to the event she had met one of the ‘s organizers at a birthday party where she was wearing a dress that she herself had designed. The dress caught the attention of the contest organizer who asked Yasmine about who had designed her dress. Impressed that the dress had been designed by Yasmine herself, she invited Yasmine to participate in the contest.

Yasmine Yeya. Cairo Scene
Maison Yeya

Yasmine is noted for her unconventional innovative design of wedding dresses. She is also noted for her attention to detail and meticulousness which leads her make dresses that excel in design. Yasmine is said to take a lot of time to know the brides to be, learning about their personality and aspirations-almost to the point of being their pre-wedding counselor. She then takes this information to design dresses that fit her client’s personality and which express their aspirations.  Her dresses came sometime take up to three months just so that she can deliver a perfect and high quality product. Because of this it is difficult to get on her waiting list because she has a policy of working on a few dresses at a time to give her clients the best products. Her work has led her to build an  international clientele.