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America and Racial Justice-

why a moral revolution is needed now more than ever-Sula Mazimba MD MPH We cannot get overly familiar with the intolerable images of unarmed African American men dying on flimsy grounds, and in many cases, by the hands of people ordained to protect them. African Americans have suffered disproportionately under the heavy yolk of a…

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Beyond Cookie Cutter Economics

Africa Needs its Own Path Africa has long been a victim of ‘cookie cutter economics’ – the wholesale importation and attempted replication of growth formulas from around the world into Africa. When thinking about the development of their countries and economies, African policy and decision makers have always looked west, east, and everywhere in between….

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Start Up Continent: Towards A Tipping Point

Africa Needs an Entrepreneurial Revolution When all of Africa goes into start-up mode, great things will happen. New solutions will begin to emerge to obstinate challenges and problems. An new entrepreneurial class will assert its political, social, and economic rights and begin to hold governments more accountable. Jobs will be created to absorb the millions…

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Powering Africa

Why Africa Needs to Fix it Power Crisis By Drive Africa Writer Africa needs to resolve its power crisis if it is to move forward. It is as simple as that. The continent will not achieve long term growth and prosperity without unlocking the power sector. Yes, Africa has made significant gains in the last…

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The Importance of Including CSOs in Development Partnerships By Seema Thomas Problems faced by governments and citizens are more complex than ever. In theory, technical solutions exists, yet these problems continue to exist. Often times public private partnerships emerge as an ideal solution. While the definition varies across municipality, in general, a public–private partnership (PPP, 3P…

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