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The Educational Innovator

How Life’s Classroom Prepared an Educational Innovator Dr Rozious Siatwambo is one of Zambia’s leading entrepreneurs and an innovator in the country’s educational sector. He is the founder and Managing Director of The Great North Road Academy, one of the country’s leading private schools. He is also the founder of the Great North Road Academy…

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Big Data and African Agriculture

Can Big Data Unlock Africa’s Agricultural Potential? Sara Menkar Believes So. African agriculture is a huge $300 billion business opportunity. The World Bank estimates that it could grow to $1 trillion by 2030. The continent, whose inhabitants are overwhelmingly employed in the agricultural sector, has over 60% of the world’s uncultivated land. This has huge…

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Addis Gets Metro

Ethiopia’s fast evolving infrastructure scene has gotten a major boost with the introduction of the country’s, and Sub-Saharan Africa’s, first modern light railway system. The $475 million project was financed in part by the Exim Bank of the China. The project comes at a time when Ethiopia is experiencing rapid growth as the country seeks to position itself as major manufacturing hub that will c…

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