Social Justice Activist Makes a Literary Debut: Watch Out For Her Book-By Drive Africa Writer

Social justice activist Tamika Mallory is set to venture into the publishing world with a new book titled ‘The State of Emergency’. A native of New York City and an eloquent and passionate orator on issues related to social justice, Mallory has been active in the civil rights arena for over two decades working on a variety of issues such as economic justice, women’s rights, police reform, and gun violence.  ‘The State of Emergency’ will be published through Black Privilege Publishing.  The book is being reviewed as an exploration of race in America which seeks to provide a blue print for how the country can move towards a fairer and just society.  Mallory interrogates the systemic injustices of the country with a focus on historical inequities which have affected black, indigenous, and immigrant communities.  She believes the time for these communities to assert their rightful place in the American experience is now.

Mallory has served with the National Action Network as its Executive Director, where she also was the organization’s youngest ever director.  She played a role in the establishment of a gun violence prevention program which supports organizations that work in abating gun violence. In 2017, Mallory was the co-founder and co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington which garnered a global participation of over five million people. Fortune Magazine included her on its 2017 list of the World’s Greatest Leaders while Time Magazine also placed her on its Time 100 Pioneers list.  Mallory has served on the board of The Gathering for Justice Organization and also run a consulting company called Mallory Consulting and cofounded a social justice organization called Until Freedom.