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Fred Deegbe: Heeling The World

Ghana’s Fred Deegbe is on a mission to make world class shoes in Ghana. This in response partly to a statement that someone had made in passing to him that world class shoes could not be made in Ghana. Fred walked of a shoe store admiring his new acquired pierre cardinshoes and wondered why shoes…

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Thato: A rising Eco-entrepreneur

South Africa’s Thato Kgath Kgatlhanye is part of a new generation of young African entrepreneurs who are making a difference by creating innovative business models. In doing so,  they are  building solutions to many social and economic problems. Thato is a co-founder of Rethaka, a woman owned business that is behind the Repurpose School Bag…

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Made In Kigali: Fashionably Bold

Scorpio’s Plan To Transform Rwanda’s Fashion Industry Scorpio Ramazani Khoury is the Founder and CEO of Rwandan based fashion house, Made in Kigali. A graphic design graduate from the University of the Arts in London, Scorpio’s company produces high end textiles and garments that are locally inspired but with modern contemporary influences. The company uses…

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The Comeback Kid

From Adversity to Success South Africa’s Bheki Kunene exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Bheki had a rough time growing up in South Africa’s tough neighborhoods. On several occasions he got himself in trouble. One particular incident proved to be tragic for him. Bheki got involved in an altercation with a teacher that led him to…

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Nuya: Beauty Queen To Businesswoman

Building A Beauty Care Brand..Against All Odds As they say fortune favours the brave. Tanzania’s Nuya Hellen Daussen’s journey exemplifies that. Nuya, is the founder of Nuya’s Essence, the Tanzanian based company that manufactures natural bath and body care products that include shampoos, handmade soaps, shea butter, lotions and body oils. To deliver high quality…

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Mogau Sheshoene-Cooking Up Success

A Young’s Founder’s Cooking Start Up Raves Up For many modern, time pressed, and upwardly mobile career South African women cooking can be a challenge. For others it is simply not knowing how to prepare traditional meals which are staple to many South African households. Such was the case that inspired the founding of one…

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Revolutionsing Emergency Health Care

How a Young Doctor Set Up West Africa’s First Air Ambulance Service By Drive Africa Writer British Born Ola Olekunrin’s story is an inspiring tale of passion, innovation, tragedy, and excellence. Ola was born in London and grew up with foster parents in Lowestoft-a small town in England. An academically gifted and hardworking student, she…

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