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Funke: Bridging The Digital Divide

How Funke Opeke Built An Under Sea Fiber Optic Cable For West Africa Africa’s emerging African business leaders have the task of solving big problems. One of those challenges is closing the digital divide between Africa and the world. And Nigeria’s Funke Opeke is taking on that challenge. Funke is the Founder and CEO of Main…

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Made In Kigali: Fashionably Bold

Scorpio’s Plan To Transform Rwanda’s Fashion Industry Scorpio Ramazani Khoury is the Founder and CEO of Rwandan based fashion house, Made in Kigali. A graphic design graduate from the University of the Arts in London, Scorpio’s company produces high end textiles and garments that are locally inspired but with modern contemporary influences. The company uses…

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Yasmine: Reinventing Bridal Design

Egypt’s Yasmine Yeya has risen to acclaim on Cairo’s couture scene. The French Egyptian’s work has caused a sensation in Cairo’s design circles and positioned her as one of Egypt’s leading Bridal designers. Yasmine first came into the design spotlight when she appeared in a design contest for young Middle Eastern designers. Prior to the…

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Zain Verge: Recasting the African Story

After over 14 years as an internationally acclaimed news anchor with CNN, Kenyan born TV personality is branching out on her own to run her own media company.  Her company, the Zain Verjee Group has offices in New York and Nairobi. The company also plans to roll-out offices in South Africa and Nigeria Zain’s company will provide Africa…

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Ebele Okobi: Passion for Tech & Law

Nigerian Ebele is a trailblazer.  Ebele is the Africa Public Policy head for Facebook.  She has been serving in this role since 2014 in London, United Kingdom.  The pioneering Ebele founded the human rights wing Yahoo where she served as the Global Head and Senior Legal Director for Human Rights prior to moving to Facebook….

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African Women in Agriculture

Overwhelmingy, African agricultural production is undergirded by women. Over 80% of agricultural output in Africa comes from small farmers-the majority of whom are rural women. These are the women who support the continent’s food security and generate the bulk of rural incomes. African women in agriculture make up the continent’s largest workforce-even though they work with…

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A Global Leader In Finance

Ethiopian born Mimi Alemayehou is a global leader in finance. In her work, she continues to lead initiatives which are driving African development and growth. Mimi has worked as Managing Director at Black Rhino and Chair of Blackstone Africa Infrastructure LP. The Blackstone group is one of the world’s largest private equity groups and is currently expanding its investment portfolio…

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The Trial blazing Entrepreneur

Eleni is a globally renowned economist and thought leader. The former World Banker turned entrepreneur relocated to her home country of Ethiopia and drove the establishment of the country’s first commodity exchange-The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX). She also set up and became the CEO for  Eleni LLC  following her successful stint in founding and operationalizing…

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Wendy Luhabe: An African Business Icon

A corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, and scholar South Africa’s Wendy Luhabe is a true trailblazer. Wendy rose through the corporate world at the BMW group and Vanda Cosmetics before taking the entrepreneurial path. Wendy founded a social venture called Bridging Gap in 1991 followed in 1994 by the establishment of the Women Investment Portfolio Holdings. In her career Wendy has held several directorships and…

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Juliana Rotich: A Tech Visionary

By Drive Africa Writer One of the leading voices in Africa’s technology ecosystem is Kenyan born Julian Rotich. Juliana is a technologist, advisor, and entrepreneur. She co-developed the crowd mapping software, Ushahidi,  which was used for crisis reporting and  monitoring in the wake of the post election violence in Kenya in 2007. The successful platform has gone on to be used…

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