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Uber in Africa

Uber’s Rough Ride Into Africa Uber, the ride hailing app that is transforming the global sharing and urban transportation economy, has entered the African market with much f a n f a r e . F r o m i t s l a u n c h i n Johannesburg South Africa in 2013, the company has established operations in Egypt,…

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Big Data and African Agriculture

Can Big Data Unlock Africa’s Agricultural Potential? Sara Menkar Believes So. African agriculture is a huge $300 billion business opportunity. The World Bank estimates that it could grow to $1 trillion by 2030. The continent, whose inhabitants are overwhelmingly employed in the agricultural sector, has over 60% of the world’s uncultivated land. This has huge…

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Meet the Kio and BRCK

The Kenyan founders of the BRCK-the rugged internet router-have a bold plan to bring connectivity to the almost 800 million people across Africa who lack internet access. With the BRCK fully commercialized, internet access could be a reality for the remotest parts of the continent. The router is being promoted  by the Kenyan team of technologists that founded the crowd mapping platform,  Ushaidi,…

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Juliana Rotich: A Tech Visionary

By Drive Africa Writer One of the leading voices in Africa’s technology ecosystem is Kenyan born Julian Rotich. Juliana is a technologist, advisor, and entrepreneur. She co-developed the crowd mapping software, Ushahidi,  which was used for crisis reporting and  monitoring in the wake of the post election violence in Kenya in 2007. The successful platform has gone on to be used…

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