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Uber in Africa

Uber’s Rough Ride Into Africa Uber, the ride hailing app that is transforming the global sharing and urban transportation economy, has entered the African market with much f a n f a r e . F r o m i t s l a u n c h i n Johannesburg South Africa in 2013, the company has established operations in Egypt,…

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Turnaround: The Equity Bank Story

How James Mwangi Turned Around Kenya’s Equity Bank One of Africa’s biggest success stories is the turnaround and transformation of Kenya’s Equity Bank. The company which was founded as a building society in 1984 came back from being a small insolvent building society to become one of Kenya’s leading commercial banking groups with over half of all…

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Ethiopian Airlines: An African Success

How  Ethiopian Airlines Conquered Africa’s Skies Ethiopian airlines has come to position itself as an outlier in Africa’s aviation industry. In a competitive industry which has seen its share of corporate failures, Ethiopian, as driven consistent long term growth over it 70 year old history to become the continent’s fastest growing and most profitable airline….

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