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Christina: Shaping African Tech Talent

Christina Sass’s  Bold Plan to Develop World Class African Tech Talent Africa has a huge youth unemployment problem. Hordes of young talented young people, many of them college educated, lack employment in countries such as Nigeria-the continent’s most populous nation. And this same cadre of young people when rightly equipped could supply the world with…

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The Comeback Kid

From Adversity to Success South Africa’s Bheki Kunene exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Bheki had a rough time growing up in South Africa’s tough neighborhoods. On several occasions he got himself in trouble. One particular incident proved to be tragic for him. Bheki got involved in an altercation with a teacher that led him to…

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Nuya: Beauty Queen To Businesswoman

Building A Beauty Care Brand..Against All Odds As they say fortune favours the brave. Tanzania’s Nuya Hellen Daussen’s journey exemplifies that. Nuya, is the founder of Nuya’s Essence, the Tanzanian based company that manufactures natural bath and body care products that include shampoos, handmade soaps, shea butter, lotions and body oils. To deliver high quality…

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Mogau Sheshoene-Cooking Up Success

A Young’s Founder’s Cooking Start Up Raves Up For many modern, time pressed, and upwardly mobile career South African women cooking can be a challenge. For others it is simply not knowing how to prepare traditional meals which are staple to many South African households. Such was the case that inspired the founding of one…

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