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Funke: Bridging The Digital Divide

How Funke Opeke Built An Under Sea Fiber Optic Cable For West Africa Africa’s emerging African business leaders have the task of solving big problems. One of those challenges is closing the digital divide between Africa and the world. And Nigeria’s Funke Opeke is taking on that challenge. Funke is the Founder and CEO of Main…

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Thato: A rising Eco-entrepreneur

South Africa’s Thato Kgath Kgatlhanye is part of a new generation of young African entrepreneurs who are making a difference by creating innovative business models. In doing so,  they are  building solutions to many social and economic problems. Thato is a co-founder of Rethaka, a woman owned business that is behind the Repurpose School Bag…

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Meet the Kio and BRCK

The Kenyan founders of the BRCK-the rugged internet router-have a bold plan to bring connectivity to the almost 800 million people across Africa who lack internet access. With the BRCK fully commercialized, internet access could be a reality for the remotest parts of the continent. The router is being promoted  by the Kenyan team of technologists that founded the crowd mapping platform,  Ushaidi,…

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