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Christina: Shaping African Tech Talent

Christina Sass’s  Bold Plan to Develop World Class African Tech Talent Africa has a huge youth unemployment problem. Hordes of young talented young people, many of them college educated, lack employment in countries such as Nigeria-the continent’s most populous nation. And this same cadre of young people when rightly equipped could supply the world with…

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Funke: Bridging The Digital Divide

How Funke Opeke Built An Under Sea Fiber Optic Cable For West Africa Africa’s emerging African business leaders have the task of solving big problems. One of those challenges is closing the digital divide between Africa and the world. And Nigeria’s Funke Opeke is taking on that challenge. Funke is the Founder and CEO of Main…

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David Adjaye: A Global Architect

David Adjaye: Global Architecture’s Rising Star Ghanaian British architect David Adjaye has risen to the heights of global architecture. At only 50 , David has achieved professional milestones which are unusual for a field such as architecture where it takes a really longtime to build a professional legacy. David, on the other hand, has had a career that has seen him win…

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Yasmine: Reinventing Bridal Design

Egypt’s Yasmine Yeya has risen to acclaim on Cairo’s couture scene. The French Egyptian’s work has caused a sensation in Cairo’s design circles and positioned her as one of Egypt’s leading Bridal designers. Yasmine first came into the design spotlight when she appeared in a design contest for young Middle Eastern designers. Prior to the…

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Erik Hersman: Driving Innovation

Erik Herman is at the leading edge of some of the most important and successful innovations in Africa’s fast changing tech scene. A graduate of the Florida State University,  Hersman co-founded Ushaidi, a crowd mapping app that was used for crisis reporting in the wake of Kenya’s post election violence in 2007-08. The app has been adopted around the…

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Juliana Rotich: A Tech Visionary

By Drive Africa Writer One of the leading voices in Africa’s technology ecosystem is Kenyan born Julian Rotich. Juliana is a technologist, advisor, and entrepreneur. She co-developed the crowd mapping software, Ushahidi,  which was used for crisis reporting and  monitoring in the wake of the post election violence in Kenya in 2007. The successful platform has gone on to be used…

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