Opinions and insights on the issues shaping Africa. Leading provocateurs provide their take on a range of issues such as economics, business, policy, innovation culture or books.

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Start Up Continent: Towards A Tipping Point

Africa Needs an Entrepreneurial Revolution When all of Africa goes into start-up mode, great things will happen. New solutions will begin to emerge to obstinate challenges and problems. An new entrepreneurial class will assert its political, social, and economic rights and begin to hold governments more accountable. Jobs will be created to absorb the millions…

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Dambisa Moyo: Big Ideas

DAMBISA MOYO Global Thought Leader Sometimes controversial. Often unorthodox. Zambian born and Oxford trained Economist Dambisa Moyo has emerged as a global thought leader on the global macro economy. A prolific author and thinker, Dambisa has penned influential books which have made the New York Times bestsellers list. Dambisa is the author of Winner Take All,…

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The Importance of Including CSOs in Development Partnerships By Seema Thomas Problems faced by governments and citizens are more complex than ever. In theory, technical solutions exists, yet these problems continue to exist. Often times public private partnerships emerge as an ideal solution. While the definition varies across municipality, in general, a public–private partnership (PPP, 3P…

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