Electronics Innovators on a Mission

Two Tech Innovators’ Dream to Manufacture Electronics in Zambia

In the heart of Zambia’s thriving capital city Lusaka, two young tech enthusiasts are working to chart new frontiers in the country’s technology space. They are on a mission to pioneer the manufacture of electronics devices in Zambia. The two are Harrison Mwenda and Frederick Chisenga.  Each one of them is a technology enthusiast and visionary in his own right. Harrison describes himself as an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, poet, philosopher, and cosmology researcher. He is a graduate of the Copperbelt University (CBU) in Zambia where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics with a focus on Robotics. His research interests include robotics, physical cosmology, and pure physics. Frederick also graduated from CBU with a degree in Mathematics. Frederick has keen interests in applied mathematics and technology. The two are the brains behind Creation Dynamics Limited (Creation Dynamics), a Zambian technology and manufacturing company which is focused on electronics prototyping and manufacturing.  The company was founded in 2016 and has the goal of manufacturing electronics products locally in Africa. The bold and audacious young company has been making steady progress in the fast changing field of prototyping and 3D Printing. The company has also been making a steady push in the design and production of custom made circuit boards

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Creation Dynamics also prototypes and manufactures products such as 3D models, fabrications and customizable plastic based products. It plans to target its products to a variety of markets such as engineering companies, manufacturers, technology companies, architects and industrial designers among others. Such target markets represent a variety of needs such as building models, engineered parts, mechanical components or product design.

Harrison and Frederick both shared a passion for fixing simple electronics while they were young. Upon entering university they still shared common interests in technology. In 2016 they decided to establish Creation Dynamics in an apartment in Lusaka’s Northmead neighborhood. Even though the duo had limited financial resources they shared a vision to build a company which would manufacture high quality electronics products locally in Zambia and eventually in Africa.  At the commencement of operations, the company’s plan was to manufacture electronic devices which were predesigned. They later realized that they could not manufacture devices due to a lack of companies which could manufacture plastic casings. This led the two innovators to see this as a business opportunity where they could create a space for innovators who needed to prototype and develop product ideas. Creation Dynamics has thus began to make moves to fill this market gap by providing a space where innovators can develop and test their devises. Notwithstanding, Creation Dynamics has large aspirations. The company hopes to become an original equipment manufacturer of electronics devices in Zambia and eventually Africa.