Zambia’s Young Aviator

Flying high above odds

At the just the tender age of 22, Zambia’s Besa Mumba is the country’s youngest female commercial pilot.  Besa is a qualified pilot working with Proflight Zambia, a leading aviation company based in Lusaka. Besa recently hit a major career milestone when she reached 1,000 hours of flying time. Besa’s career path remains a source of inspiration for many young people in the country. She is also an inspiration to young women who seek to venture into careers that have been historically dominated by men. Besa’story is one which show cases a rare kind of focus and determination in the face of challenges. For instance, Besa was not deterred by the fact that Zambia did not have an aviation college. Thus in order to acquire her training, she left the country to enroll for studies at the South African Flight Training Academy. At the age of 19, following her return from South Africa, she joined Proflight Zambia to start her career in aviation. In May 2018 Besa was recognized by His Excellency the President of Republic of Zambia, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for achievements and contribution in aviation .