Made In Kigali: Fashionably Bold

Scorpio’s Plan To Transform Rwanda’s Fashion Industry

Scorpio Ramazani Khoury is the Founder and CEO of Rwandan based fashion house, Made in Kigali. A graphic design graduate from the University of the Arts in London, Scorpio’s company produces high end textiles and garments that are locally inspired but with modern contemporary influences. The company uses local raw materials to produce its products and has aspirations to break into international  markets. Khoury employees over 100 employees from the 10 that she started with when she launched her company in 2013. The 10 employees were tailors whom Khoury personally trained. Khoury has plans to train up to 3000 tailors as she seeks to use her company to position Rwanda as a hub for high end textile manufacturing. The company has experienced dramatic growth by commercializing traditionally Rwandan fabrics. Some estimates place the company at a valuation of $2.5 million. The company has began to export modest amounts of its products to markets such as the United Kingdom. Khoury  has plans to ramp up production to support increased exports of its products.  Khoury was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and lived in the United Kingdom. Khoury was lured to Rwanda because of the country’s favorable business climate.