Dambisa Moyo: Big Ideas

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Global Thought Leader

Sometimes controversial. Often unorthodox. Zambian born and Oxford trained Economist Dambisa Moyo has emerged as a global thought leader on the global macro economy. A prolific author and thinker, Dambisa has penned influential books which have made the New York Times bestsellers list. Dambisa is the author of Winner Take All, How the West was Lost, and Dead Aid. Her publication of Dead Aid ignited a global debate on the role of aid in African development. The ensuing conversations and debates have led to a fundamental rethinking of the role of aid in the African development story. For many African policy makers, a shift towards weaning their economies from dependence on aid has become an important policy priority. Dambisa is also the founder and CEO of the Mildstorm group, an advisory firm that specializes on the global macro economy, financial markets, and investment strategies