The Comeback Kid

From Adversity to Success

South Africa’s Bheki Kunene exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship.  Bheki had a rough time growing up in South Africa’s tough neighborhoods. On several occasions he got himself in trouble. One particular incident proved to be tragic for him. Bheki got involved in an altercation with a teacher that led him to be expelled from his school and to be later barred  from all government schools. Following his expulsion from school, Bheki became involved in the culture of crime that was prevalent among Cape Town’s youths. He later would become, as he describes it, a ‘misfit’.

Bheki’s come back story began with the help of two women in his life-his mother and grandmother. Urged on by the two women,  Bheki began to rebuild his life as he sought another shot at life. He began to search for a school that would take him and eventually found one that offered him admission and gave him the chance to matriculate.  He later began studying web and graphic design but could not find a job after he completed his studies. After not being able to find a job, he started his own media and creative design company-Mind Trix Media. The company started with one client and R60 ($60) while operating out of Bheki’s bedroom. The company provides web development,  graphic design, app development, and marketing and promotional materials development services.  The start was rough and Bheki almost closed down his company. Fortunately his one client would keep coming back to give him business and projects. Through Bheki’s relentlessness, hard work, and vision, Mind Trix has now grown into an innovative and dynamic company with clients around the world. He has also expanded his business into West Africa.