Mogau Sheshoene-Cooking Up Success

A Young’s Founder’s Cooking Start Up Raves Up

For many modern, time pressed, and upwardly mobile career South African women cooking can be a challenge. For others it is simply not knowing how to prepare traditional meals which are staple to many South African households. Such was the case that inspired the founding of one of South Africa’s hottest startups-The Lazy Makoti (Isi Zulu for bride)-which provides cooking lesson for modern, urban, career focused women. The company’s founder, 25 year old Mogau Seshoene, was asked by her recently married friend for some cooking tips while she visited with her in-laws. Mogau, who had been taught how to cook at a young age and who loved cooking-chipped in and helped out her friend. With that, the idea for the Lazy Makoti was born.

Armed with that idea, Mogau, who graduated in 2011 with a Consumer Science degree, quit her job as an audit intern at an accounting and advisory firm. Mogau who had always found the corporate world unexciting decided to leave her job to pursue her passion for cooking. But she knew that she had to take calculated steps beginning with testing the market to see if there was appetite for her idea. So she took to social media,and created a blog with recipes for traditional South African dishes. Mogau’s passion was always to promote the preservation of South Africa’s culinary traditions, whose existence she believes is being threatened by modernity

The Lazy Makoti provides comprehensive lessons on how to prepare meals including one on one sessions with clients. Mogau sees the Lazy Makoit as providing more than just cooking lessons, but is attempting to restore and preserve the art of preparing foods the traditional South African way. Mogau is busting with ideas for the directions in which she would like to take her venture. She is already working on a recipe and cook book for South African dishes and has hinted at her intention to run a cooking show on TV and later run a restaurant. Already, Mogau’s company markets branded kitchen accessories such as cutlery, aprons, and chopping boards.

Mogau’s passion for the South African culinary tradition has been driving her quest to develop a cook for South African tradition al recipes. She has noted how the market is flooded with cook books illustrating food from around the world but none that showcase South African cuisine. But Mogau is not one to stand by and not do anything about the situation. So she is working to get the cook book out. Whichever way she goes it looks like South Africa has a rising businesswoman to watch